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50 x Printed Personalised Antibacterial Pen's

50 x Printed Personalised Antibacterial Pen's

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We will email you a FREE virtual image for your approval before going to print.

Pens have black ink

Custom personalised pens great for the Office, Corporate gifting, Back to school, Teachers, NHS staff & Promotional Merchandise

What is an Antibacterial Pen? Some forms of Bacteria are particularly resilient and can survive on many different surfaces for weeks. This can include worktops, door handles and yes you guessed it even pens. A Antibacterial Pen suppresses the growth and survival of bacteria on its surface, thus preventing contamination being passed on from person to person

How do Antibacterial Pens Work? In a nutshell, Antibacterial Pens have a substance added to them during the manufacturing process which inhibits the growth of bacteria. There are three main companies that make these additives, and each has a slightly different explanation of achieving this.

Our personalised pens offer a cost-effective way to add a personal touch, create lasting memories, and enhance brand visibility. With a wide range of customisation such as custom images/ logos , text and also a wide variety of pen colour options, they can be tailored to suit various occasions and purposes.

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